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Let Me Run Your Social Media!

I want to get in to the sweet, sweet social media-for-pay biz (See? I’m hip!), so I built up this portfolio of company branded tweets. If you’re in charge of a brand that wants a youthful, fun edge, holla atcha boy (that’s what kids say!).

Hidden Valley Ranch - When you think #yolo, think Hidden Valley Ranch, bro! #ranch

Super 8 Hotels - Going to rage at a rave party? Super 8 Hotels are a great place to come down from molly! #partyhard

Boost Mobile - Our phones are so cheap you can throw it away when someone posts a craglist ad with your number on it. #creeper

Pace Salsa - I bet sticking your dick in some delicious Pace Salsa would get you a lot of instagram likes. #justsayin #nofilter

For all employment inquiries, please contact my managment (

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Now what am I going to get my step dad for his birthday? :(

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Corey Reppond reppocs #yesallcomics @reppocs

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Tips For Being An Unarmed Black Teen

As usual, The Onion nails it.

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